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Reliable and Fast Firefighting Lifts

With firefighting lifts intended for use in fire emergencies, it's imperative that they are supplied and installed by experienced and highly skilled professionals. 

At Dainton Lift Services, we specialise in installing the very best firefighting lifts; manufactured by the very biggest names in the industry and available for very reasonable and competitive prices.

The main purpose of a firefighting lift is to quickly and safely transport firefighters and their equipment to the required floors in the event of a fire taking place in a building.

Under normal circumstances, firefighting lifts can be used as a day-to-day passenger lift but when the building fire safety alarm goes off, the additional safety controls and features within this type of lift will enable the fire services to safely move equipment and personnel to where they need to be.

Traditionally, in the event of a fire, the advice is to use the stairs and not a passenger lift or escalator. In fact, to prevent passengers from using lifts once the fire alarm has sounded, a normal lift will automatically move to the ground floor and won't respond to future calls; which is in line with British Standard EN 81-73:2016. 

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Passenger Lift

What are the regulations for firefighting lifts?

The additional security and safety features in a firefighting lift enable it to be used by the fire services, provided that the fire is not in the lift shaft itself. The additional features of a firefighting lift include:

  • Emergency operation - where firefighters can control the lift operation and use the communication system with the Fire Service Access Level (FSAL)
  • The lift must be able to reach the top floor in 60 seconds
  • Once in firefighter mode, doors must remain closed on arrival; constant pressure control of doors and communication between FSAL, machine room and lift car
  • Fire and water protection for all electrics
  • A means of self-rescue from the lift - an escape hatch or trap door in the ceiling plus ladders
  • Dedicated and protected lift shaft
  • Fail safe and secondary power supply. This may be a back-up generator located in a fire protected area to ensure that the lift operation in maintained even if the mains power supply to the building goes off
  • Measures to prevent the build-up of water in the life well - these measures could include pumps or drains in the lift pit
  • Shaft and machine room lighting is switched on during the emergency

Elevating your lifts to the next level, across the Greater London area

Based in Bromley we work across the South East region including; Ashford, Barking, Barnet, Basildon, Bexleyheath, Bromley, Camden, Chatham, Chelsea, the City, Crawley, Croydon, Dagenham, Dartford, Ealing, Edgware, Enfield, Epsom, Gillingham, Grays, Gravesend, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith, Haringey, Havering, Hayes, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington, Kings Hill, Kingston upon Thames, Leatherhead, Lewisham, Maidstone, Redbridge, Reigate, Richmond, Romford, Southwark, Streatham, Sutton, Swanley, Tower Hamlets, Twickenham, Wandsworth, Watford, and Westminster.

Whatever your firefighting lift installation needs speak to the experts at Dainton Lift Services; contact us today to speak to one of our engineers and arrange a full free survey and consultation.