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Lift hygiene safety features and Covid prevention upgrades

Greater awareness of hygiene and the spread of Covid, or any other virus, has inspired a range of improved features for lifts to reduce transmission of germs and ensure lifts are a safe environment for people to use.

Through the long Covid pandemic we all became much more aware of hygiene, and just how much we all touch things like door handles, stairway handrails, and lift control buttons through the day. Fortunately, a series of new features are now available to enhance hygiene in lifts, and our expert team can design them into new installations or as upgrades in a modernisation project.

Anti-bacterial lift buttons

Anti-bacterial and non-touch buttons and control panels

We've always offered plenty of options for our lift control panels, and now two further options are available. Anti-bacterial buttons are manufactured with silver ion technology which protects against bacteria such as MRSA, E-coli, and Staph A, they are ISO 22196 certified, vandal resistant and can be illuminated.

A second option provides a higher level of protection; touchless operation which works by detecting movement. Touchless IR sensors can call lifts to landings with just a wave of your hand, whilst internal lift car buttons sense the proximity of a finger and don't require a physical push. Both of these systems can be installed with standard anti-bacterial buttons as a back-up, designed into the same control panel.

Anti-microbial Touch Guard surface coatings

Almost any surface in a lift can be touched and act as a point of transmission for microbes and bacteria, these new anti-microbial coatings are virtually invisible, and can be applied to any touchable surface inside the lift, or on the landings, including the control panels and handrails.

The coating is effective for around ten years and has been proven to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99%, provide protection against viruses and cross-contamination, and protect against the build up of mould or fungus.

Anti-microbial lift surface coatings
Elevator air purification

Air purification systems for lifts and elevators

Designed specifically for lift car interiors, the Air Pure system purifies, disinfects, and cleans the air, reducing bacteria by as much as 99%. Working through an anti-microbial coated filter, it can process all of the air in an average sized passenger elevator approximately every 6 minutes. The system is also energy efficient, operating when it senses a passenger has entered the lift car, and switching off a short period after they have left.

Even as the Covid pandemic begins to fade away, we still face the risk of dangerous variants and future pandemics; many of the safety and hygiene changes we have seen are likely to pass into health and safety legislation and our aim is to ensure our clients are well prepared for any eventuality.

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Professional installation of hygiene enhancing lift features

Based in Bromley, our team carry out new lift installations and modernisations across Greater London and the South East, including; Ashford, Barking, Bexleyheath, Camden, Canterbury, the City, Croydon, Dover, Epsom, Grays, Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey, Havering, Islington, Kings Hill, Kingston upon Thames, Maidstone, Redbridge, Reigate, Rochester, Romford, Sheerness, Southwark, Swanley, Tunbridge Wells, Twickenham, Watford, West Malling, and Westminster.

To find out more about your options for a more hygienic lift space, or any other ways of improving your installation health and safety, contact us at Dainton Lift Services and arrange a survey with our team.