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Working for a wide range of industrial and commercial property owners we provide complete design, installation and modernisation services on machine roomless lifts.

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Machine Roomless lifts

Traction drive Machine Room-Less lifts allow the entire lift system to be situated within the shaft itself. Located at the head of the shaft, the smooth and quiet driving unit works more efficiently than regular elevators, greatly reducing energy demand. Indeed, the energy that is generated is actually sent back to the building’s power supply, saving up to 50%.

The gearless motor is also directly fixed to the guide rails which results in the load being transmitted to the pit rather than shaft walls – eradicating vibration and disturbance to nearby apartments and flats. While speed is also enhanced, the major benefit of MRL lifts is that with no oil usage the system is far easier and cheaper to maintain. This, combined with the low energy consumption, means that long term running costs will be dramatically reduced.


A key part of the 21st century now is being environmentally friendly and yet again, Dainton Lift Services do not disappoint.

BREEAM assessments are carried out to determine the correct number and size of required lifts in each building and the system with the lowest energy consumption will be used. The very technical and environmentally friendly lifts will put themselves in a stand-by mode during idle and off-peak periods and all feature a regenerative unit which transfers energy generated by the lift back to the electricity grid. Therefore, helping the environment and saving you vital money.

Lift motors will also feature a drive controller, which varies the speed, voltage and frequency control and even energy efficient lighting will be used once the BREEAM assessments have been carried out.

Ecosaver System

The Ecosaver sytem is designed to recover and re-use energy that would otherwise be lost, this leads to a reduction in energy consumption and thus lower electricity bills.

The Ecosaver system has an energy management system that stores energy in off-peak periods that boosts the power of the motor during peak times. The Ecosaver system deal with most voltage drops maintaining lift service through its unique ability to store energy.

The Ecosaver system can be installed on any lift driven by permanent-magnet synchronous motor, the system can handle almost 240 lift movements per hour.