Our Staff

We only employ fully qualified, experienced and dedicated staff to work on our team because we know a company can only ever be as good as its team of people.

Lift Shaft

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Our Staff

Dainton Lift Services was established by two engineers who shared over five decades of expertise between them, and a focus on staff experience has stayed at the forefront of our employment approach. This means a team of engineers who know every model and system on the market including strengths, weaknesses and elements most likely to require the most attention during maintenance or installation; the kind of knowledge that can only come from years of experience.

Quality through expertise

On the job experience is always the most valuable but we also ensure our team stay up to date on new developments, innovations and products coming into the lift installation and maintenance market through training and briefings so we know they will never find themselves facing a problem or product they are unfamiliar with. This all round expertise ensures the best service; with lift installations and maintenance works completed in the fastest possible time without compromising on safety or quality.

Exceptional customer service

Great customer service demands doing a good job, but it also calls for people who know how to provide great advice and consultation, clear communication, accurate estimates and a personalised approach tailor made for each unique client.

Robust and effective health and safety

The best health and safety policy in the world only works when your team understand it and bring practical experience of working within it. Through years of experience our engineers have gained in depth appreciation of safety requirements, the company policy on it and their individual responsibilities to themselves and the people around them.

Whatever your requirements for lift installation, modernisation or maintenance / services speak to the expert team that provide it all to market leading standards; contact us today at Dainton Lift Services and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our engineers.