Our Services

At Dainton Lift Services we provide a truly comprehensive range of lift installation, maintenance and modernisation services incorporating DDA advice and completely bespoke specifications.

Lift Installations

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Our Services

Our service always starts with a full consultation and survey, establishing exactly what you require and giving us the opportunity to advise on legal requirements such as disabled access and health and safety. Working with you we design a solution, provide a full estimate and then roll out our service according to exactly what is needed, including custom-made parts to the highest quality standards.

Lift design
Every lift installation faces a unique set of requirements and needs, some dictated by the users, some by the space and some by legal requirements; we excel in designing a solution to meet all these demands efficiently and cost effectively.

New lift installations
Whether a new build or property renovation we can provide complete new lift system installations on car, passenger, service and goods lifts whilst advising closely on all the necessary DDA and H&S regulations.

Machine Room-Less Lifts
Traction drive Machine Room-Less lifts allow the entire lift system to be situated within the shaft itself. Located at the head of the shaft, the smooth and quiet driving unit works more efficiently than regular elevators, greatly reducing energy demand. While speed is also enhanced, the major benefit of MRL lifts is that with no oil usage the system is far easier and cheaper to maintain. This, combined with the low energy consumption, means that long term running costs will be dramatically reduced.

Lift modernisation services
We offer a comprehensive range of modernisation and refurbishment services, which includes health and safety upgrades such as car top control replacement, to lift car internal refurbishment and full modernisation packages including controller and machine replacements and extensive modernisation including car, sling and guide replacement. This is a cost effective way to ensure ongoing legal compliance and without the cost of a full new installation.

Lift car interiors 
We provide interiors for some of the best known names in the business and can offer all our clients absolutely bespoke specification and custom fabrication from the walls, ceilings to the control panels to perfectly suit your design and vision.

Disabled solutions
Whether at a commercial or domestic property we can offer a wide range of platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, general access equipment and detailed recommendations on DDA disability requirements for access in traditional lifts, ensure your compliance with our expertise!

Lift maintenance / service
Decades of expertise installing and designing lift systems makes us an ideal choice to maintain / service them as well; we know the problems to look for on any lift system and package tailor made periodic maintenance contracts perfectly fit to your requirements and backed up by a complete range of lift repair services

Whatever your lift installation and modernisation needs you can trust in the specialists at Dainton Lift Services to supply the perfect solution. Contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and arrange a full survey and quotation.