Passenger Lifts

Working for a wide range of industrial and commercial property owners we provide complete design, installation and modernisation services on all types of lifts.

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Lift Types

Passenger Lifts
Here at Dainton Lift Services we offer an extensive range of every kind of passenger lift on the market and our expertise is second to none. Our hardworking and experienced team of engineers can even fit lifts into unworkable spaces and customise them to improve speeds. We can also provide a wide range of passenger lift designs, with many different customisable options available – including wall materials, ceiling finishes and floor coverings.

Goods Lifts
Again, we offer a wide variety of goods lift solutions, which cover the different types of drive systems including multiple chains, hydraulic, traction and screw and nut. The lifts are essentially designed to carry both goods and passengers together and provide a range of solutions from dumb waiters to carrying pallets and trolleys. Whatever the requirement, our expert team have the essential skills needed to carry out any task.

Goods/Passenger Lifts
There is not always enough room to place both goods lifts and passenger lifts in the same building so we can also install a combination of the two. These lifts are designed to handle both the transport of heavy goods and the movement of passengers. We also make sure that the lifts are compliant with En81-2 regulations and the Lifts Directive 1997.

Service Lifts
Although not as common as goods lifts, some service lifts are still in existence today and help keep the company efficient and smooth running. Some are still found in restaurants and are essentially the modern day equivalents of dumb waiters. This enables heavy objects, like archives found in offices, to be transported secretly to cut down the people traffic in passenger lifts or on the stairs.

Residential Lifts
All residents and passengers want to reach their floor safely and comfortably and we at Dainton Lift Services ensure that this is the case. The majority of residential lifts we install are for disabled individuals who need to access their floor in a comfortable environment. Our experienced and expert team are fully knowledgeable on the DDA legislations and we are confident we are one of the regions leading lights in adhering to these rules, given we have fitted hundreds of platform lifts in London and the South East.

Bespoke Lifts
Perhaps the area in which our team excels the most, Bespoke Lifts provide the greatest challenge to any lift engineer but no matter what the requirement, Dainton Lift Services will provide you with quality service every time. Whether you need it to fit into a very unusual space or you need a lift for more than 16 people, it’s not a problem for our expert team. We will always rise to the challenge, no matter what it thrown at us.

Whatever your lift installation requirements, Dainton Lift Services can meet the most complex demands with a wide variety of lifts and elevator systems; contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey and consultation with one of our lift engineers.