Lift Modernisation

Getting the most from your existing elevator system it doesn’t have to mean a complete re-installation, as we specialise in elevator modernisation packages.

Lift Design

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Lift Modernisation

After a while, any elevator system begins to age and require increased maintenance or even works to meet with new regulations such as Health & safety (BS7255) EN81-80, EN81-70/M2 or accessibility requirements. Our experience of modernisations and our highly skilled team means that we can put together a free comprehensive assessment, design and tailor made modernisation package that only replaces what needs to be replaced saving you costs and downtime.

40 point safety and quality checklist

1. Our modernisation projects always begin with a full assessment of your current elevator system.

2. The survey team look at the entire system from lift car to machinery and doors comparing them to an essential checklist of legislative requirements and the latest equipment to see what must be replaced, and what might be beneficial to modernise as well.

3. Once complete we deliver a full report grading the urgency of each recommended refurbishment.

Modernisation packages

Once a schedule of work is agreed with you we package a complete modernisation service bringing in all the required parts from the highest quality manufacturers. Elevator modernisation packages can be very minimal with only a few components being replaced or they can extend to entire new lift cars, control systems, gearboxes and the counterweight system to take advantage of the latest technology and achieve full safety and legislative compliance.

Once complete we deliver a full report grading the urgency of each recommended refurbishment.

Helping clients meet DDA/M2 requirements

Ensuring the less abled can easily access every part of your building can often call for modernisation work from physical items such as access ramps to more complex needs such as re-designing and positioning control panels so that they are easily operated from a wheelchair. We offer considerable experience in this area as well as providing general lift solutions for disabled requirements.


Dainton Lifts carry out BREEAM assessments to determine the correct size and number of lifts required in each building. The environmentally friendly lifts feature a regenerative unit that allows energy that has been generated to be transferred back to the National Grid, thus saving you money and reducing the impact on the environment.

The Ecosaver System

The unique Ecosaver system is specially designed to recover and re-use energy from the lift movement. It has an energy management system that stores energy during off peak periods and then re-uses it during periods of high demand, saving energy and reducuing running costs.