Lift Design

Lift design is one of our most specialist services, with our team providing the opportunity for absolutely bespoke builds to perfectly fit your requirements.

Lift Design

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Lift Design

From the fittings and style of the lift car interior to the complex mechanical and electrical engineering that makes everything run; we do not just install standardised lift systems and designs, we can create them to your precise requirements as well.

As a Lift Cert accredited company we can cherry pick components and parts from a range of manufacturers and bring them all together in a lift and elevator system CE marked to full UK standards requirements.

There are a range of reasons why clients may need a system bespoke designed for them;

  • Fitting into tight or difficult spaces
  • High load bearing requirements
  • Enhanced speed required
  • Fittings to aid disabled usage
  • Secure or limited access requirements
  • Enhancement on standard safety features

Bespoke builds can be required in almost any situation. Domestic installs often have to work into difficult spaces as do new installations into a current building, and in the commercial sector all kinds of requirements for speed, load bearing or security capability of lift cars and lift systems often demand more than an “off-the-shelf” solution can provide.

We also offer quality standards oversight for other lift installers

Our Lift Cert accreditation allows us to support the work of other lift systems installers who require bespoke elements to an installation; we can check over their work in detail and CE mark it or advise on any alterations that need to be made to meet the demanding standards. Based in Bromley we provide our lift design and certification services across London, Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey.

Whatever your requirements for lift design, as a property owner, developer or other lift installer, speak to the team at Dainton Lifts for the expert design and support service; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our lift design engineers