Passenger Lifts

Goods / passenger lifts are ideal for when transport of both passengers and heavy goods is required in the same lift shaft.

Goods Lifts

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Goods / Passenger Lifts

It may not be possible for you to fit two elevator shafts in your building, meaning that there is a lack of transport options for either passengers or goods. With Dainton Lift Services, you will not need to worry any more.

We provide customers with the solution – Goods/Passenger lifts. These lifts are perfectly suited to a mixed environment and can handle both the transport of heavy goods and the movement of passengers with ease and comfort. We provide a wide range of fittings and furnishings for the lift so that it is effective and valuable for goods transport, as well as comfortable and bright for passengers.

Even the lighting systems and button panels can be customised to ensure your lift stays in keeping with the feel of your building and our precision engineering ensures a smooth ride for both passengers and goods.

As with all our lifts, we ensure that our Goods/Passenger lifts are compliant with the EN81-2 regulations and the Lifts Directive 1997. Maintenance / service of the lift is also something we take very seriously and our range of services includes:

  • Full survey and quotation
  • Design consultation
  • Sourcing of bespoke parts and components
  • Expert installation and testing
  • Ongoing maintenance and lift services
  • Tailor made lift interiors
  • High quality safety compliance
  • Lighting and safety barriers
  • High load capacities

Whatever the requirement, Dainton has the solution and our fully experienced and helpful team will do everything it can to provide you with a lift you can be proud of for many years to come. Contact us today to arrange a no obligation survey and estimate.