Since 1st October 2004, service providers have had to make reasonable adjustments in relation to physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access.

Passenger Lift

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Disability Discrimination Act

We at Dainton Lift Services can help major commercial property owners meet the Disability Discrimination Act requirements and provide disabled people with easy access to every floor of their home or work environment.

Whether installing platform lifts to help wheelchair users access their own home or place of work to providing modernisation services on current elevator installations ensuring commercial property owners meet DDA legislation, we offer comprehensive advice and services for disabled access solutions.

Our range of disabled solutions elevator services includes;

  • Assessment and advice on DDA compliance
  • Modernisation and installation to meet DDA requirements
  • Platform lift installations for commercial properties
  • Domestic platform elevator systems for wheelchair users

DDA legislative compliance is a modern essential, ensuring that the disabled, whether in a wheelchair or simply less able to manage stairways, can comfortably and safely access and utilize every part of a building as easily as any able person. DDA modernization work can require simple physical installations like ramps or more complex requirements like re-designed control panels mounted lower on the wall so that they are easily reached from a wheelchair, or fitted with Braille for the benefit of the visually impaired.

The key requirements your lift installation may need are:

  • It must be a suitable size for wheelchair access
  • Lift buttons need to be at a specified height from the floor
  • An audible announcement of arrival and doors opening
  • All lift car and landing buttons need to be written in Braille
  • A handrail must be fitted
  • Doors should be fitted with a non-contact detector system to prevent passenger collision.
  • Direct communication between the lift and the lift contractor