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Based in Greater London Dainton Lift Services offer homeowners and businesses across the region the very best in lift services and DDA solutions.

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About Dainton Lift Services

Established in 1988 by two engineers with a combined experience of over 50 years, our company originally operated in separate installation and servicing, which have since been combined and focused into a single comprehensive business providing everything our clients could need.

Our Engineers

We employ a tight knit team of experienced engineers who combine strong communication and interpersonal skills as well as considerable expertise in all areas of lift installation, maintenance, servicing and modernisation. By focusing on hiring the best employees we continually excel in lift service delivery and can guarantee that our team know every model, brand and possibility inside out.

Capability is only part of the story; what we really pride ourselves on is an endlessly positive, pro-active and solution finding approach to all our projects; problems can inevitably come up but by combining experience, skill and the ability to custom fabricate almost every part of a lift we will find answers and ways of meeting your requirements.

Some of our greatest expertise lies in DDA requirements; advising business and property owners of their legal requirements and providing ways to meet them. Many businesses don’t even realise they are failing to meet standards until a complaint is raised, but with a strong focus on health and safety issues coupled with legislation and access we can provide a comprehensive answer.

Based in London and working throughout the capital and the southeast counties of Kent, Surrey, Sussex and Essex our team excel at dealing with a wide range of customers, lift systems and requirements. Our service adapts to your needs efficiently and capably thanks to the skill of our team of engineers and company directors.

Whatever your service requirements for elevators, lifts or disabled platforms speak to the experts at Dainton Lift Services for the all-in-one solution; contact us today for a full survey and estimate.